Conservation work is underway

Cricket pavillion, Clumber Park

Much needed conservation work is currently underway on the car parking area of the cricket pitch to protect this area of land.

Over the years, severe compaction has been caused by many years of car parking in the areas around the cricket pitch and adjacent to the main drive at Clumber Park. Sandy soils such as the ones we have at Clumber very rarely repair themselves from this type of damage due to a lack of the more adaptable and pliable soil components such as clay and organic matter that naturally more readily regain their previous un-compacted state.

Deep compaction, caused by car parking and other heavy uses of land, decreases the amount of air available in the soil and also decreases permeability thus reducing the amount of water available to the roots of the grass above. This combination of a lack of air and water creates a very shallow rooted turf which can be easily scrubbed off the surface by turning wheels or skidding - caused by vehicles. It also makes the germination of grass seed much more difficult.

All of this in combination with the recent wettest winter on record has created significant waterlogging which exponentially increases the impact of any further compaction.

As a result of this, we are monitoring this very closely on a daily basis. The areas mentioned above will be closed for parking for the foreseeable future to enable us to carry out restorative maintenance work to the soil structure and re-seed the grass.

To find out more, or if you have any queries regarding the above conservation work, please contact Head Ranger Dan Booth at