Take the bus and discover Clumber Park

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In the park you'll discover different habitats, a rich variety of wildlife and more than 200 species of trees and learn about the fascinating history of the park.

Enjoy a great day out at Clumber

The walk starts and finishes at bus stops on the B6034 just outside the boundary of Clumber Park. The first part of the walk takes you to the lake and visitor facilities. From here you go into quieter parts of the park taking in Clumber's famous Lime Tree Avenue. There's lots to see and do so why not make a day of it?

Clumber Park Chapel


Map route for take the bus and discover Clumber Park walk


Piper Lodge bus stop B6034, grid ref: SK605734


Take the public bridleway sign on the opposite side of the road from Piper Lodge. If you've travelled from Nottingham take care crossing the busy B6034. Follow the bridleway for approximately 0.3 miles (0.5km) passing Manor Farm and Carburton Church.


At the road junction beware of traffic as you cross the road and turn left to walk along the grass verge. After about 360yd (330m) you'll reach Carburton Lodge and the entrance to Clumber park. Walk over Carburton Bridge and take the first road on your right (Clumber cycle route marker 22). After the wooden barrier the road is usually car free.


At the crossroads beware of traffic as you turn right and walk to Clumber Bridge. Take care as you cross the road to take in the lovely view of the lake and a glimpse of the chapel. Go back to the end of the bridge and immediately look for a path on your right which takes you down into woodland. You pass Clumber Grotto and soon you'll see the lake on your right. The path bears right through the trees and after a short walk uphill you reach a road where you turn right.

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Walk along this usually car free road and after about ¼ mile (0.4km) follow it round to the left. At the signpost turn right into the Turning Yard to find the visitor facilities which include toilets, café, shop and information point, plant and book sales and the Discovery Centre. Allow plenty of time to explore the pleasure grounds, find out about the history of Clumber and why the mansion was demolished. Don't forget to make use of the visitor facilities before carrying on with the walk.

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The walk continues from the Turning Yard. Follow the sign for the lake, mansion site and pleasure grounds. Walk across the grass towards the lake and just before you reach the water turn left to walk along the lakeside path.


At the end of the path you reach metal railings and the derelict site of the boat house. Turn left along a path that goes through the trees. Where you meet another path turn right. Go through the stone archway and metal gate and continue straight ahead. In a short distance you walk between two stone pillars and go up into Ash Tree Hill Wood. You are now on one of the many cycles tracks in the park which have blue numbered markers; this one is number 8.


At a cross road of tracks you carry straight on downhill. Just after a wooden barrier you reach a road. Take care as you cross the road and continue in the same direction along another track. You're now following cycle route marker 16.


At the next wooden barrier take care crossing the road and carry straight on still following cycle route marker 16. In approximately ¼ mile (0.4km) you pass three wooden stumps and arrive at Lime Tree Avenue. Beware of traffic as you cross the road to another track and continue with cycle route marker 16.

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At a junction of tracks with an information board carry straight ahead following cycle route marker 17. After approximately 20yd (18m) the track divides. Take the left fork and continue to follow cycle route marker 17. In about ¼ mile (0.4km) you reach a T junction of paths where you turn right. You have now picked up cycle route marker 18.


After about a mile (1.6km) you reach a dark green National Cycle Network millennium milepost. Here you turn left to follow cycle route marker 19 and National Cycle Network route 6.


Continue on this track until you reach a road where you turn right and walk along the grass verge to Truman's Lodge. Beware of traffic as you walk under the archway. Walk along the right side of the road for about 300yd (135m) until you see a Public Bridleway sign. Take care as you cross the road to follow the bridleway. (Truman's Lodge gates are open 8am to 7pm. If you arrive at the gates and they are closed retrace your steps and look out for a narrow path on the left, midway between Truman's Lodge and the pay point. Follow this path through the trees and after approximately 150yd (275m) you'll come to a road. Turn left and it will bring you to the road on the other side of Truman's Lodge. Please note the path through the trees is not maintained.)


In about ½ mile (0.8km) you'll reach the B6034. Turn right and follow the footpath to the Clumber Road bus stop where you get the bus to Nottingham via Ollerton or take great care crossing the busy road for the bus to Worksop. Hopefully you've timed it just right!


Clumber Road bus stop, grid ref: SK595761

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Take the bus and discover Clumber Park


Clear paths, bridleways and numbered cycle tracks. Some short stretches of road most of which are car free; the exceptions are clearly indicated in the walk directions. There is some uneven terrain and slight to moderate uphill/downhill gradients. Possible muddy sections after heavy rain.

Dogs welcome; please note in certain areas of the park (e.g. Pleasure Grounds) they are required to be on leads.

Take the bus and discover Clumber Park

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Take the bus and discover Clumber Park

How to get here

Clumber Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3AZ
By road


By bus

The Sherwood Arrow service from Worksop and Nottingham. Alight at Piper Lodge on the B6034.

Details of service available from Stagecoach: 0845 6050605.

Take the bus and discover Clumber Park

Facilities and access

  • Accessible toilets, café, shop, plant sales and cycle hire at Clumber Park
  • Dogs are welcome, on leads in certain areas of the park