Explore the garden at Coleridge Cottage

Wildflower Garden at Coleridge Cottage, Somerset

The garden at Coleridge Cottage opened to the public in 2011 for the first time in over 100 years, but it was an important retreat and muse for the poet in the 18th century. We have created a representation of Coleridge's time here, incorporating key elements of the poet's life and work by featuring an orchard, bower and wildflowers.

Lime tree bower

Take a seat in our bower, handmade using wood from the nearby Quantock Hills, and enjoy the tranquillity of our garden.

Garden Room

Recently restored, our Garden Room is a multifunctional space and hosts a variety of exhibitions and events throughout the year.

Whispering words

Immerse yourself in our intimate garden with our new audio posts. Listen to Coleridge's poetry in the places that first inspired his creativity.

Wildflower garden

We have planted wildflowers and orchard trees, which will attract bees, butterflies and birds.
Explore the meandering paths through the wildflower garden to the focal point of the lime tree and bower.

Cottage garden

Coleridge's writings show that he was an enthusiastic gardener, dreaming of growing food for his family - but his friends commented that he grew more weeds than vegetables.
Here we have recreated an 18th-century style cottage garden, using plants we know that the Coleridges grew.

Willow animals

Coleridge kept animals in his garden including geese, pigs and ducks. Make sure you don't miss our willow animals hiding amongst the wildflowers.


This well supplied the Coleridge family with water for drinking, washing, cooking and cleaning, and it would have been quite a luxury to have one in the backyard. Peer down into the depths of our well, but be careful not to fall in...