Soak up the sun in the garden

The rill garden in flower at Coleton Fishacre

The garden in the summer is filled with colour, from the abundance of pastels in the Rill Garden to the riot of reds and oranges in the Hot Border, to the cool greens in the shady Fern Glade.

Flower meadow

One of the first things you see as you arrive is the pictorial meadow in front of Visitor Reception. The blend of native and non-native annuals in this bed was selected for its vibrant mix of flowers. Some of the flowers are cultivated varieties and will not come ‘true to type’ if left to seed, which is why a new batch will need to be sown each year to ensure that the display is of a high standard. If you'd like to try and create your own pictorial meadow at home, you can buy the seed mix from the shop.

The pictorial meadow border is in bloom at the entrance to Coleton Fishacre
Poppies flowering in the pictorial meadow border at Coleton Fishacre

Rill Garden

The walled garden where the small stream (or rill) runs through the centre is certainly wowing; the mix of annuals, perennials and roses present a fragrant patchwork of pastel hues. Over the coming weeks, regular deadheading, mowing, weeding and edging will keep this section of the garden looking at its best.


The Hot Border

At the bottom of the terraces the Hot Border is aflame with red and orange flowering plants such as salvias and lilies. This border was planted with fiery colours as it is the border seen from Rupert D'Oyly Carte's room, and he loved these colours. 

The hot border is filled with fiery colours
The hot border in front of the house filled with red and orange flowers


Wellington's Wall

The wall bordering the lawn next to the house is a south-facing raised border, filled with a selection of plants from the Mediterranean, South Africa and the west coast of America. Lavender, sun roses, rosemary, Star of the Veldt (Osteospermum), agapanthus, euryops and gaura (a herbaceous plant with graceful stems of white flowers) are all flourishing here.


The Gazebo

The Gazebo has recently been fitted with new benches and back rests, all funded by money raised through raffle ticket sales. Take a seat here and soak up the views of the sea and the garden. In the nearby Gazebo Border, a couple of plants to keep an eye out for are king protea (Protea cynaroides) the bird of paradise plant. There are also several bottle brush bushes (Callistemon) in flower at the moment, some red and some yellow.


Fern Glade

At the bottom of the garden there is a glade filled with ferns and tree ferns, and soon hygrangeas will be in flower here too. It's the perfect shady spot to escape the heat, and close to the path to the South West Coast Path.


An unusual guest

This summer a life-sized model rhino is moving into the garden. Rupert is one of 42 rhinos making up The Great Big Rhino Trail, to help raise money and awareness for rhino conservation. He'll be hanging out near the quarry, and his decoration has been inspired by the garden here.