Christmas at Coleton Fishacre

For December 2018, Coleton Fishacre is aglow. The house will be decorated for a glamorous 1920s Christmas party, with outfits to try on and parlour games to play. Outside the garden is illuminated with festive lights and there's a special event to capture the perfect photo.

The Saloon at Coleton Fishacre decorated for Christmas

A 1920s Christmas 

The decorations in Coleton Fishacre house are inspired by a Christmas party which took place there in 1929. When you visit the house in December weekends you'll see a 1920s Christmas party just waiting for the guests' arrival. You’ll be able to try on your party outfit in the handling room, listen to party music playing in the Saloon and there’ll be parlour games in the Sitting Room.

The house at Coleton Fishacre lit for Christmas at Coleton Aglow

Coleton Aglow

The garden at Coleton Fishacre will be aglow this Christmas. On selected days in December, you can see the exotic and dramatic garden filled with festive light, and explore the house decorated for a 1920s Christmas party at Coleton Aglow.

The house at Coleton Fishacre lit for Christmas

Coleton Aglow through a lens

Capture the elegance of Coleton Aglow at this special photography evening just before darkness falls.

Two volunteers with hot drinks in the gazebo in Coleton Fishacre garden at night

Volunteering at Coleton Fishacre this Christmas

Life is one long adventure and we'd love to join in with your next one. We are looking for volunteers to help with Coleton Aglow, the festive festival of lights in the garden and a 1920s Christmas party in the house this December.