Half-term fun at Corfe Castle

The famous daredevil teddies are back for half-term but this time they are on a mission from history. Throw in Wild Green Tales from land and sea, a chance to join the King’s army and our very own medieval siege engine and you have the perfect family day out.

A young visitor tries on a period helmet

Steel, fire and stone

Do you have what it takes to be a royalist recruit? Join the brave defenders of Corfe Castle and learn what life was like on the front line of the English Civil War.

A teddy on the zip wire at Corfe Castle

The Great Escape

A new challenge faces the famous zip wire teddies. King John has captured some brave knights and it’s teddies to the rescue. Bring your brave bear along to join in.

The trebuchet at Corfe Castle

Warwolf II and more

Watch Warwolf II the replica medieval siege engine fling missiles high in the air, go on a castle quest to claim your prize and hear Wild Green Tales from land and sea .