Easter time at Cotehele

Children enjoying Cotehele

Hop along to Cotehele to join in with the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt, following the family trail to help Bunny find musical animals to play in a band.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Join Bunny on an adventure around Cotehele garden, looking for musical creatures to form a band. The trail is £2 per child, with a Cadbury chocolate prize at the end.

This popular Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts runs daily between 28 March and 13 April. We’re expecting it to be busy over the bank holiday weekend, so if you’d like a quieter and more relaxed visit then do pop in during the week to complete this year's trail.

Sorry - only assistance dogs are allowed in the garden. Normal admission charges apply (National Trust members free).

A family exploring the garden at Cotehele
Visitors in the garden
A family exploring the garden at Cotehele

Fun down the hill at Cotehele Mill

Take a stroll along the Morden stream from Cotehele Quay to the nineteenth-century Cotehele Mill. Explore the mill grounds and old workshops, count the buckets on the waterwheel, watch the  millers mill corn into flour, stay on for baking demonstrations and so much more to explore.

Milling at Cotehele Mill
Miller Sally milling flour at Cotehele Mill, Cornwall
Milling at Cotehele Mill