Overwinter Conservation at Coughton Court

Winter Conservation at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

‘The house team are super busy over the winter. They are deep into our annual clean – this is a really good time to condition check each object and properly do all the bits that we don’t get time to do during the year, such as the books in the Saloon which are susceptible to mould and waxing the floors which is a big job'.

One of our favourite bits is getting to do the geeky fun stuff such as dusting the paintings which requires specialist training as it is such as delicate job. We’ve just sent away 3 pieces of furniture, our Boulle clock, some manuscripts from the Tribune and a couple of miniatures for some much needed remedial conservation work which we cannot do ourselves.

Lots of different brushes are needed for a deep clean
Deep clean at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
Lots of different brushes are needed for a deep clean

 We’re finishing our preparation for next year’s exhibition too, working on the design brief, lighting and display. We are also working hard to improve our collection management standards, which includes improved cataloguing of our collection, photographing it, and inventory-marking objects. We will be applying for Museum Accreditation next year, which will hold us to UK-wide standards in caring for our collection, so all this work will help us to achieve it.