The Gorge walk

Debdon Gorge rushes alongside a set of stone steps

The Gorge walk connects the Formal Garden, Power House and Pinetum through a scenic route via tumbling streams and an open meadow

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The Gorge is one of the most significant parts of Cragside, as it’s where the young Lord Armstrong fished as a boy, which ultimately inspired him to return as an adult and build his home on the land nearby.

The Gorge is part of Debdon Valley, and follows Debdon Burn on from the Pinetum, a popular part of the estate with classic views of the house and rock garden. Cross over the Ivy Bridge and the Gorge is on the left, where the burn tumbles over large stone plates and rushes over waterfalls to emerge into a peaceful open valley where the Power House is situated, before ambling into the River Coquet.

Local historian David Dippie Dixon wrote in Upper Coquetdale, published in 1903, “The Gorge is one of the most romantic spots within the grounds, where the little burn rushes merrily onwards between perpendicular cliffs, which rise on either side to a great height, and wooded to the top. Here graceful fronds of numberless ferns grow in the greatest profusion; while the banks lower down are covered with a dense growth of lovely wild flowers.”

The Gorge was closed in 1996 and funding restrictions meant that work was not able to commence on reopening the route until 2018. Alongside the reopening of the Gorge, there will also be a new meadow path that will connect the Formal Garden to the Power House.

The walk is dog-friendly, but please ensure dogs ae kept on a short lead. Some parts of the route include steep paths and steps.