Adam Speaks

Long Gallery fireplace

Croome is working with an emerging artist to develop and make new work responding to Robert Adam’s vision and designs at Croome.

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A new art project at Croome

After the success of the Plumlines the team at Croome are embarking on an exciting new co-production project, mentored by national artist Hew Locke.

Hew Locke
Hew Locke artist

Locke is a world renowned artist with artworks owned by the Tate, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum to name a few.  He specialises in a wide range of mediums which include sculpture, painting and photography, often within Locke’s work his ideas resonates with historical references and sites.  

With these components in mind he is an ideal artist to act as a mentor to the new talent artist which we will recruit over the next month.

During the forthcoming months and building on the success of our partnership and new talent work, the project entitled ‘Adam Speaks’ will see the creation of exciting new artwork(s) created by an artist for Croome mentored by Hew.

This project is being match funded by Trust New Art (TNA) which is the National Trust contemporary arts programme. TNA is a partnership with Arts Council England. 

Creative participation

Focusing on finding innovative ways to tell the story of Robert Adam at Croome, we will be working with Kimichi School, The Birmingham Institute of Theatre Arts, Writing West Midlands and St Barnabas First and Middle School.  

Each group will take part in a workshop with the chosen artist.  The findings from this process will lead toward an artist’s brief and development of artwork(s).  

Croome volunteers will be working on each stage of the project: process, research, development and support.

Watch this space

We are in the process of shortlisting our artist from all the applications we have received.  As the project evolves we will update the information on this page.

2 March – Hew Locke visits Croome.

3 March - Potential artists shortlisted.

11 March – Shortlisted artists visit Croome.

Shortlisted 'Adam Speaks' artists
image of artists on the steps of croome court

We have our artist

6 April - We have chosen our artist for this project he is Chris Alton.  Chris is really looking forward to working with Hew Locke. 

"Being mentored by Hew Locke is an exciting prospect." said Chris.

Chris Alton, from Croydon, is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practice brings together distant, yet connected cultural phenomena. Whether deploying disco music against fascism or playing table tennis in competition with aggressive architecture, he utilises seemingly incongruous juxtapositions to address the multi-layered nature of prevailing social and political conditions.

Adam Speaks artist Chris Alton
photo of artist Chris Alton

Working across a range of media, such as; pseudo-documentary flm, live events, online interventions and open source games, Alton's practice shifts and adapts, reacting to context-specifc stimuli. His projects are humorous and playful, frequently seeking to interrogate the power structures that shape our world.

To learn more about Chris please visit his website

" The work of Robert Adam offers a contextually rich cultural-vein, ripe for excavation. As an early pioneer of the Neoclassical style, Adam has been a highly influential figure in the shaping of notions of Britishness, via his work as an architect and designer. Throughout my practice, I have sought to ask the question, 'how do our spaces and symbols shape who we are and what is possible?' This question is particularly pertinent, in relation to Adam and Neoclassicism, as they are woven into the very fabric of contemporary visual culture."
- Chris Alton

26 April - We held a development day with our partner organisations focusing on the participation vision for Adam Speaks.  

As part of the day we got to hear about the tremendous work our partner organisations are doing, working with people across the region.  We also shared recent participation projects at Croome focusing on how we want to really stretch our work through Adam Speaks.

It was wonderful to hear about Chris Alton’s previous work, and all our partners said how thrilled they are to be working with him.

Using Research developed by Peggy Booth and past projects at Croome the group began to piece together how we intend to work in the future, the processes we might use for this ground breaking project.

Workshops will begin in June!

Members of the Participation Development team meet at Croome
Adam Speaks group sponsors meeting at croome

Left to Right - Jonathan Davidson (Chief Executive Writing West Midlands) - Belle Bogaert (Adam Speaks Project Assistant) - Fiona Parry (St Barnabas First and Middle School) - Chris Passey (Deputy Head Teacher – Head of Primary Kimichi & BITA CEO) - Kiki Claxton (Creative Programme Coordinator) - Rachel Sharpe (Creative Partnerships Manager Croome) -  Chris Alton (Adam Speaks Emerging Artist).