Having fun in the snow

Make some memories at Croome this Christmas and enjoy a festive day out with all the family.

If it snows this winter, watch as Croome transforms into a winter wonderland. Head out on a winter walk and explore the estate. Make the most of the weather and tick off No. 15 Play in the snow from the National Trust's 50 things to do before you're 113/4! 

Sledging on Church Hill
Croome church with sledge in snow

Play in the snow; keep your fingers cosy and your toes toasty. Wear waterproof clothes and layers to keep you warm and dry.  Try making a snowman, don't forget the sticks with for arms, stones for eyes, nose and mouth.  Ask someone to take a photo of you and your snow creation.

Make a snowman at Croome
Snowman at Croome

Bring your sledge and try sledging down Church Hill, can you beat your friends to the bottom?

Sledging on Church Hill
Sledging on Church Hill

Make a day of it and browse for gifts, decorations and hand crafted treats in the shop, then cosy up with a mug of hot chocolate the perfect way to keep nice and snug on a chilly winter’s day.

Have fun running in the snow
Fun in the snow