Conservation and restoration work in the parkland at Croome

Learn more about the important work our staff and volunteers do to look after the parkland.

a brown baned carder bee

Brown-banded carder bumblebee at Croome

A rare bumblebee made a welcome appearance at Croome - the first official sighting in Worcestershire since 2010.

Croome volunteers building tree guards

Woodland grove restored at Croome

A historic plan, dating back to 1796, combined with modern technology has enabled restoration of two hectares of woodland grove at Croome.

kestrel box installation

Giving wildlife a helping hand at Croome

A generous donation has enabled bird boxes to be installed at Croome.

Croome hugh and katherine reed removal

Reed removal at Croome

Discover more about the on-going conservation work we in the 'river' at Croome for the wildlife that inhabit it.

Lizzie and Gemma with the Mostela trap

Stoats and weasels at Croome

Working with The Vincent Wildlife Trust, we hope to discover more about these elusive creatures.

 otter spotted at Croome

Otters spotted at Croome

Otters have been spotted at Croome read more about them here.

A slow worm asleep in the grass

Slow worm conservation at Croome

Our conservation of slow worm habitat continues to help them thrive at Croome.

Croome pre-restoration reedy river

Croome parkland restoration over the years

Since 1996 we have continued to restore this 'Capability' Brown landscape.

Croome Katherine Alker with repaired carriage splash

Repairing the carriage splash

What is a 'carriage splash' and why did it need to be repaired?

Croome Temple Greenhouse in the parkland

The Temple Greenhouse at Croome

Come and learn all about the Temple Greenhouse, Robert Adam's first garden building at Croome.

Jeremy our carpenter repairing the boards on the bridge

Repairing our bridges at Croome

Read about the repairs to our bridges built in the 1790s

The walling gang at croome

The Walling Team at Croome 

Read about the important conservation work our volunteer walling team do - with a chance to chat to them.

man working to restore broken urn

The restoration of the 6th Earl's urn

Read about the restoration of the memorial to George William 6th Earl of Coventry.

 Katherine Alker with beetle habitat

Rare beetle habitat at Croome

Why are these beetles rare and how we can help them?

Orange Tip Butterfly

Looking after Croome’s butterflies

Croome’s parkland is home to a wide variety of plants and flowers which provide an invaluable habitat for many species of butterflies.

a nightingale in the shelterbelt at croome

Nightingales at Croome

Lots of conservation work has been undertaken at Croome over recent years to secure the nightingale’s natural habitat.


Holistic grazing at Croome

Read about how holistic grazing is changing Croome's landscape

Croome stone urn and church

Looking after a Capability Brown landscape at Croome

Watch this video about how we are looking after a Capability Brown landscape

The Chinese Bridge spanning the river with the church in the background

The Chinese Bridge at Croome

Lost to decay and rot in the late 19th century, the exquisite Chinese Bridge stands proudly near the house.