The history and characters of Croome

Learn more about the history of the people that created the parkland and Croome Court you can see today.

6th Earl of Coventry

6th Earl of Coventry

An eighteenth century trend-setter with a vision that transformed Croome.

Maria Gunning

Maria Gunning; Croome's great beauty

The great beauty of Croome who tragically died at only 28.

Croome Barbara St John

Barbara St John

Barbara St John second wife to the 6th Earl of Coventry

Portrait of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown by Nathaniel Dance

The very capable Brown; creator of Croome

Croome was 'Capability' Brown's first commission. Not only did he redesign the whole landscape but also remodelled Croome Court and became firm friends with the Earl of Coventry.

Croome George Coventry 9th Earl

The 9th Earl of Coventry - George William

An Earl at the age of 4

Long Gallery fireplace

Robert Adam

'Bob the Roman' the renowned Neo-classical architect, interior and furniture designer created his first complete roome design at Croome Court.

James Wyatt

James Wyatt architect

James Wyatt was commissioned by the 6th Earl of Coventry to build Broadway Tower, a folly on the edge of the Cotswold scarp, in 1794 (completed 1798).

The parkland with Croome court in the background

Croome through the ages

Read about Croome's eclectic history from it's time as home to the 6th Earl, school for boys, Hare Krishna centre, RAF Defford airbase and more.