See Dyrham Park differently

Rebuliding Dyrham Park roof

See Dyrham Park differently

For many years, Dyrham Park was seen as a rural stately home near Bath. While it’s nestled in a stunning 270 acre deer park, many visitors would simply get the free shuttle bus down to the car park and pop into the house, stroll around the garden and visit the shop and tea-room before getting the bus back up to the car park.

That’s all changing this year. It’s time to see Dyrham Park differently.

Not only has our major conservation project allowed us to safeguard the future of the mansion house by protecting the roof and installing an energy efficient boiler, but it’s allowed us to present Dyrham Park in a whole new way.

The outdoors team has worked tirelessly to create a vibrant park, attractive to families and children (with two play areas, a family trail and lots of 50 things fun to be had) as well as walkers with a penchant for great views, tree lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. They’ve also re-opened a lost garden for the first time. In the summer we’ll be opening late on Friday and Saturday evenings, so you can enjoy an evening picnic.

The house team has risen to the challenge of remaining open while the scaffolding surrounds the house and the roof is replaced and has created two new areas; Collections store and Mr Blathwayt’s apartment – where you can see the house in a whole new light, literally. The basement has been brought to life with a Building Dyrham exhibition.

You’re able to go up on a fully accessible scaffold walkway and Sign a slate. We’ve also got new walks and talks and events and new job vacancies and volunteer positions. It’s a very exciting time for Dyrham Park and we very much want to share this with people.

We’ve tried hard to spread the message – the message that we’re open but different, that we’ve got a major conservation project on but there are still plenty of, if not more, reasons to visit us.

The feedback so far has been brilliant: ‘I’ve been coming to Dyrham Park for years and this is the best visit yet’, ‘Another fantastic day at Dyrham Park. Children love balancing in the natural play area and spotting the wooden sculptures’ and ‘Loved the terraces. Really appreciate the hard work that must have gone into restoring them.’; and as we come to the end of the first week of the house being open again we’re looking forward to another 42 weeks of fun while the project is underway.

Come and see what all the fuss is about!