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12 Sep 16

We're ready to start the thatching

Wow! In just over a week the team have put together the roof structure, which had arrived on site in pre-fabricated pieces. Doesn't it look great? Over the next two weeks, Roger Evans our master thatcher will be on site to cover the roof first with a layer of reed and then a second layer of straw. He'll also be answering any questions you might have about thatching on 20 and 21 September from 12 to 2.

Finished roof structure of the Hermitage at Kedleston

01 Sep 16

A new roof for the Hermitage

After weeks of pointing the brickwork and building up the wall of the Hermitage to its original height, it is finally time to put together the roof. This wall plate is the first piece of the jig-saw that is the new oak roof structure. It sits on the top of the wall and helps to keep everything together. The roof was constructed in a workshop and brought to Kedleston in pieces. The joiner then has to put it all back together again on site. Once that is done, the thatching will start, so that by the end of September for the first time in many years, the Hermitage will finally have a proper roof again.

Kedleston Hermitage roof plate being fitted

24 Aug 16

Video update on progress so far

The site manager, Colin, talks us through how the Hermitage restoration is progressing. Fascinating pictures of the floor going in and news of traveling two miles under ground to get the gypsum for the outside walls of the Hermitage.