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01 Sep 17

Back to School

With the start of the new school term upon us, learn something new with our ‘specialist terms & phrases’ Trusted Source articles.

Inscribed books owned by Churchill on display at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

19 Jul 17

Lifting the lid at The Vyne

An audio illusion that brings to life the sounds of a Tudor Lady Mass has been unveiled at The Vyne, where Henry VIII would have heard it almost 500 years ago. This unique National Trust soundscape immerses listeners in the prayers, chants, even movements of choristers and clergy. Dr Lucy Kaufman, a historian from Keble College Oxford, has advised on the project: ‘The chapel soundscape is an integral part of the wider story we're telling here - about Henry VIII's Royal Progress to The Vyne in 1535. This brief moment in history is so important in terms of understanding how Britain came to be the country it is today.' Read more about this fascinating period in history with this Trusted Source article on the Reformation.

Henry VIII depicted in 16th century stained glass at The Vyne.

18 Jun 17

How new is the ‘Modern Dad’?

Find out more this Fathers’ Day with this Trusted Source article by Laura King, Associate Professor of Modern British History at the University of Leeds.

Coloured lithograph of Father Returns by Maude Goodman