The Greys return to Dunham

In 1906 William Grey takes up residence in the family seat with his wife Penelope Theobald and their children, Lady Jane Grey and the future Earl, Roger. Cheshire society greet the family's carriage as it travels through Hale and Altrincham and onto Dunham Massey. William modernises the mansion with electricity and a new plumbing system and engages the furniture historian Percy Macquoid to help redesign its interiors.

The 9th Earl and his family at a party celebrating their home coming


The last Earl

10th Earl of Stamford, Roger Grey (1896-1976), inherited the estate at the age of 13. Passionate about re-assembling the collections that had been dispersed by the 7th Earl, Roger dedicated his adult life to preserving Dunham Massey.

Roger Grey, the 10th Earl of Stamford


Sanctuary from the Trenches

After the First World War broke out, Dunham Massey was offered for military use and became the Stamford Military Hospital. The saloon was transformed into a ward complete with around 53 beds. Nearly 300 patients were treated at Dunham Massey by a team of nurses that included the daughter of the house, Lady Jane Grey.

Staff and patients during the First World War at the Stamford Military Hospital, Dunham Massey