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06 Apr 20

Coronavirus closes the house and pauses the project

Just as we were preparing for what we hoped would be our busiest year yet, we were forced to close our doors to visitors, volunteers and staff in order to keep people safe. The house remains closed until it is safe to welcome people within government guidelines.

At the same time, the majority of our team were placed on furlough, as we responded to the huge financial challenges posed by the pandemic. For nearly a year, only essential care for the house was able to take place, until our team returned to work in 2021.

Coronavirus sign

04 Mar 20

400 year old clock restored

A rare clock dating back to the 1600s will chime once more at Clandon Park. With the help of a horologist (otherwise known as a clock specialist) we’ve set this rare clock 400-year-old timepiece ticking again.

More on the cockle-shell clock

The cockle-shell clock at Clandon Park

03 Nov 19

Our busiest year

2019 was our busiest year for visitors since the fire. We’ve welcomed thousands of people every year to explore the house and share their responses and ideas. We’ve worked with universities, schools and history groups, welcomed photographers, writers and families. Bringing people into the process is what this project is all about, so seeing our visitors grow each year is a privilege.

Family in the garden at Clandon Park, Surrey