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16 Dec 16

Christmas carols for Clandon

Despite the fire one of our most popular events goes ahead in the beautiful setting of Holy Trinity Church, Guildford. A long-standing favourite in the Clandon Park social calendar, the brilliant Oxford Singers joined us for their 31st year performing in support of Clandon.

10 Sep 16

A first look inside the house

For the very first time since the fire in 2015, we welcome visitors back into our house. Following the conclusion of the salvage operation and the clearance of the house, a walkway has been built leading into the Saloon, one of the most important of the suite of state rooms. Visitors are able to experience unique post-fire views of the house interior, including into the Marble Hall.

A family on the walkway at Clandon Park in 2016

29 Jul 16

The house is cleared of debris

Following 12 months of work we reach the stage where our house is fully cleared of debris from the fire. We can now begin to look towards the next stage of the project and our first steps along the road to the restoration of the house.

More on our future plans

Cleaning the Marble Hall at Clandon Park