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28 Nov 16

The return of the shepherds and shepherdess

The final three statues, completing the Circle of the dancing faun have arrived. The shepherds and shepherdess are made from lead and painted bright colours. Over the next few years, the paint will gradually fade and create a more weathered look.

Collage of the three shepherd and shepherdess statues at Stowe made from painted lead they wear bright clothes and play instruments

13 Nov 16

Temple of Friendship

Work is currently underway to stabilise the ruins of the Temple of Friendship. A key moment within the restoration programme, visitors will be able to explore the ruins for the first time in decades. The temple was originally designed by James Gibbs for the use of Lord Cobham with his political guests on their visits to the gardens. A lot of the original temple was destroyed by fire in the nineteenth century. Rather than re-build the temple, we're keeping the ruined facade and making it safe for visitors to explore once again.

The large ruined temple of friendship at Stowe with four columns supporting the roof. Fences surround the temple while it is restored

04 Nov 16

Lamport Garden pond

Over the past few weeks, a team of volunteers have been working hard to excavate one of the old ponds in the Lamport Garden. The secluded area hidden away behind the Chinese House was previously the location of the lost village of Lamport, which was destroyed in order to expand the gardens and parkland. We're working to restore the area to which was badly neglected over recent decades.

The team stand in an empty lake in the Lamport Gardens at Stowe