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11 Mar 19

Work begins to Bell Gate Lodge

When you arrive to the gardens gate after a refreshing walk down the drive, you'll see Bell Gate Lodge. Originally the gardeners of the eighteenth century would have seen visitors coming, pop out to welcome them, offer them a tour or to purchase a guide book. Since then, the Lodge was modernised with additions and alterations. We're taking the lodge back to it's original state and recreating the area to look how it did in 1800s. Clearance of hedging has already opened up the view.

A view to a white house connecting to the gardens gate at Stowe

21 Feb 19

The Grecian Urn

Originally located in the Grecian Valley between the Circle of the Dancing Faun and statue of Samson and the Philistine, the Grecian Urn was sold in the 1921 auction. Throughout the Grecian Valley the statuary tells the story or martial efforts and deeds whilst pastoral stories are woven through the wooded areas past the Circle of the Dancing Faun towards the Fane and statue of Pastoral Poetry. In the form of a funerary urn, the Grecian Urn is a reminder that even in the idyllic world there is no refuge from death. As part of the Landscape programme we’ve taken copies from the original plinth and Urn which are now located in the collection at Trent Park. We’ve been able to achieve this task thanks to your help - in 2016, £8,512 was raised from visitors purchasing raffle tickets.

A white Urn stands upon a plinth. It is large and represents death in the process of life.

05 Dec 18

New Waters

Work has begun to restore New Waters Lake which sits within the parkland. The water systems of ponds, springs and lakes across the garden were designed to create an illusion of bodies of water flowing all into one river. After restoration took place several years ago to the connecting Copper Bottom Lake, one of the final pieces to help recreate this illusion is being started. Created in the 1800s, its possible with declining money or incorrect methods, the lake was not built well and leaked. Subsequently the lining has been damaged over years of overgrowth. Clearance has been completed over the autumn and winter whilst now the gardens and parks team are doing the hard work. To repair the lining of the lake, the team have repaired dams and are filling the lake in thirds, testing which areas need repairing and which don't before completing the task.

Two men stand in the mud of the NEw Waters Lake in the parkland at Stowe to check the condition of the river lining