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25 Oct 17

The Gladiator returns to the Grecian Valley

Another of the heroic statues has returned to the Grecian Valley as a result of public support and generous donations. The statuary in the Grecian Valley, largely dispersed in the sales of 1921 and 1922, was mostly purchased by Lord Cobham in the 1730s. The Gladiator, and other statuary recently returned to the Grecian Valley, formed part of an iconographic strategy to demonstrate the Progress of Liberty from the Ancients to the foundation of the British Empire. A group of heroic statues, depicting some of the 12 labours of Hercules represented the notion of victory through physical combat, martial strength and patriotism.

Gladiator statue returned to Stowe's Grecian Valley

11 Aug 17

Milestone returns to Lamport garden

A smaller addition to the gardens. Nestled away in Lamport garden, a replica milestone has been placed in the original location from over 50 years ago. The original once stood on the Ratley Road, which ran past the New Inn and across the Park near Lamport Village. In the 19th century, the road was removed, and the stone was reused in the development of Lamport Garden, where the manor house was being demolished and the garden developed. About 50 years ago, the milestone was moved again, and now stands on Nelson's Walk.

Newly carved milestone returns to Lamport garden at Stowe, Buckinghamshire

17 Jun 17

Return of the Gothic Cross

After months of intricate work the Gothic Cross has returned to Stowe in its historic location in the Elysian Fields. After the Temple-Grenville family went bankrupt they sold off their monuments to repay debts, leaving the gardens missing important pieces of their story. We have been working with Cliveden Conservation to return a replica of the gorgeous Gothic Cross. This has involved casting hundreds of delicate pieces from original drawings and using them alongside surviving statuary. The work is now complete and the Gothic Cross proudly stands in its intended place for visitors to enjoy once again.

Gothic cross sits within the hilly landscape at Stowe