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28 Mar 17

Gothic Cross Completed

Construction of the Gothic Cross has been completed and the footpath has now re-opened to visitors. Nestled in a small opening behind the Temple of Ancient Virtue, the Gothic Cross stands at over 4 metres and consists of 120 handmade pieces.

17 Mar 17

Worthies Dam restoration complete

Restoration work has been completed on the Worthies Dam. The last time work had been done on the dam was in the 1960s so after 50 years it was in pretty bad shape. After draining the section of the Worthies river, the gardening team were able to begin working directly on the dam, strengthening it for years to come. During the work a length of wooden pipe made from a hollowed out tree was found, we’re not sure what it would have been used for but gives an insight into how the gardens were constructed.

The restored Worthies Dam at Stowe, Buckinghamshire

01 Feb 17

Gothic Cross construction

Construction of the Gothic Cross continues. Only the bottom sides of the cross survived a tree falling on it in the 1950's. We've used an original guidebook drawing, various photos and hundreds of fragments to recreate the cross in the original Coade stone used by the first Duke in 1814. It was built in memory of his mother who died in 1812.

Cubed base of the Gothic Cross made out of a hard grey Coaed stone sitting in the construction studio