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15 Sep 16

Return of the Dancing Faun

After months of waiting, the Dancing Faun has returned, taking pride of place on the Saxon Altar. He will soon to be surrounded by the shepherds which are still being cast and painted

23 Aug 16

Saxon Altar installation

A milestone in the re-creation of the Circle of the Dancing Faun, the Saxon Altar has been installed. The original has been moved four times with a final position in a garden in Sheffield after the sales in the 1920s. With a return not possible, a replica was created using drawings of the original and has now been positioned in the centre of the circle. It's now ready to have the Dancing Faun placed on top later this year.

The saxon Altar in the Grecian Valley at Stowe

19 Aug 16

Gates installed on Bell Gate Drive

A new set of gates have been installed on along Bell Gate Drive between the New Inn and the gardens. They are made of oak and were created by Clumber Park carpentry team. The gates replicate an original design for another similar set of gates that would have been used for the Lamport Garden. The team thought these would be the most likely style that would have been used down Bell Gate Drive. The original designs are in the Huntington Library California, which has many of Stowe's archival documents.

Gates on Bellgate Drive