Latest updates

04 Feb 18

New paths across our fields

To save your muddy feet, we have now installed some new paths to assist you in getting too and from the Mansion.

25 Jan 18

Opening up the view out of the Doric Temple

Our Ranger and Garden team have started work in the gardens to reopen views towards the Doric Temple, as the view has been shrouded by groups of rhododendrons. Traditionally, the Anson family would have been able to see the Temple as they made their way back onto the estate from church. This work will also allow us to reduce the risk of Phytophthora, a serious plant disease spreading across the estate

Shugborough's volunteers clearing rhododendrons

13 Jan 18

Improvement works to Park Farm House

We are currently relining our chimneys and repairing the roof of Park Farm House. We hope to be able to safely light our fires once more, and protect our House from the weather.

The view out from Shugborough's Park Farm house