European travel

The Antrobus Travelling Chariot, we believe, is used by Colonel Antrobus to travel to the Congress of Vienna. There are now 69,200 registered carriages on Britain’s roads.

The Antrobus travelling chariot at Arlington Court carriage museum



The Britzschka becomes popular as a travelling carriage in England. This type of carriage was introduced to Britain from Germany and became popular with wealthy families because of its adaptability. The name comes from the Polish word for travelling wagon.

A Britzschka carriage on display at the National Trust Carriage Museum


Mail coaches reach North Devon

Coach journey from Barnstaple to Taunton now took about 8 hours. The first Royal Mail Coach in North Devon left Barnstaple in September. It took five hours to reach Taunton, eleven to get to Bristol and reached London in 26 hours.