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19 Sep 16

Bothy at Standen: Day 10

As we begin the last week of the build, volunteers have been blackening the planks of wooden cladding before putting them up on the remaining sides.

Planks of the blackened wooden cladding

16 Sep 16

Bothy at Standen: Day 9

Poor weather meant that once the final roof tiles had been fixed into place, most of the day was spent working on the inside of Bothy. The floor was laid on the mezzanine section with its stained glass window looking out over the High Weald.

The mezzanine in Standen's Bothy

15 Sep 16

Bothy at Standen: Day 8

Today the team have been working on the sandstone wall, made of rocks from the quarry in West Hoathly. The handmade clay tiles on the roof are almost all in place just in time for what’s due to be a rainy day tomorrow.

Sandstone Rocks sourced locally from West Hoathly quarry