Latest updates

07 Sep 16

Butler's Pantry reopens

The fans have circulated enough air to help the ground below the suspended floor dry out, so we've re-opened the Butler's Pantry for you to complete your tour of the servants' areas.

The rat traps on display in the Butlers Pantry

18 Aug 16

The Crypt re-opens

The Crypt has dried out enough for us to re-open this room. It now means you can complete the circuit in the servants' area, with a visit to the Housekeeper's Room, and a peek in the Butler's Pantry, before you walk through the Crypt - with its beer barrel stand - and up the stairs to see the housemaid's sluice.

The red brick tiled floor of the crypt drying out

04 Jul 16

Waiting game

We're using large fans to keep the air circulating and are monitoring the moisture levels - we cannot use dehumidifiers as these could cause problems to the house and its collection. It's a waiting game, but we're beginning to see the results of our teams hard work shining through on the floorboards.

Scouring pads and scrubbing brushes on the floorboards