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Re-decorating the hall to the pre-1960s scheme.

During the recent House restoration project, we re-decorated the hall to the pre-1960s scheme.

Re-decorating the hall to the pre-1960s scheme.


The Central Hall used as a store during the Restoration Project

For 2 years during the restoration project, the central hall was used as a major store to house the collection whilst building work was undertaken in other parts of the house. It meant we could retain the collection in a secure, stable environment, and allow our visitors to see objects close, like they would not have done before. It also meant that there was no opportunity to carry out the work to the stone floor, which will take a clear 5 months.

The central hall during the recent project, when it was used as an object store


Lady Mairi's Red Colour Scheme

The colour scheme was chosen by a friend of Lady Mairi’s- Mrs Elizabeth (Betty) Batten, to match the Chinese iron-red colour of the early 18th century Cowan china. This was displayed in cabinets in the niches, also designed by Betty in the 1960s.

Lady Mairi's 1960s Red Colour Scheme