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04 Jul 17

Century old photos discovered in Killerton’s roof inspire time capsule

A collection of old camera negatives tucked away inside the roof have been discovered during the major roof repairs. Over 30 negatives, possibly hidden by the Acland family in the 1920s to be found years later, have inspired us to create a time capsule. We'd love you to send us your memories of Killerton.

Have a peek at the images and submit your own entry in the time capsule

A pile of over 30 negatives have been found at Killerton House

20 Jun 17

Lining the chimneys

The team have been hard at work installing the new chimney linings in two of Killerton's chimneys this week. They are each 15 meters long, that’s the height of three giraffes.

Chimney lining

15 Jun 17

Cleaning the chimneys

Some of the chimneys here at Killerton were getting some well deserved TLC this week, being checked, cleaned and then relined. This was messy work so the paintings above the fireplaces were moved to keep them safe and clean, and a tent was built around each of the fireplaces to protect the rest of the room. We’re rebuilding 7 historic chimneys, some with open fires, helping to keep the house cosy and warm in the winter.

Specialists working on the chimneys at Killerton