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29 Aug 17

Raising the roof

The builders are busy here at Killerton building the new roof. However it’s not quite the same as the old one, our architect has redesigned the roof raising the level of it so that we increase the drainage off the roof and add in extra guttering. Getting all that rain we have here in Devon off the roof as quickly as possible. When the scaffolding comes down and the project is finished the only difference you will see to the roof is the historic chimneys we are bringing back.

Architects drawing of Killertons new roof

19 Jul 17

Matching the lime wash

The lime wash for the house is almost ready to go and Lyle our master colour matcher is busy trying to mix the unique colour of Killerton House. There’s no exact recipe, and instead the pigments are added by hand until the perfect colour is achieved, this takes a lot of practice to get right. When Lyle has found the perfect match the lime wash will be applied to the exterior of Killerton house in the next few months.

Colour matching the unique lime wash at Killerton

11 Jul 17

Special recipe lime wash

All of the lime wash used on the estate is made right here by our talented Direct Labour team to there traditional recipe which hasn’t changed for generations. With 250 cottages, 18 farms and of course the Georgian mansion, come the warmer months there are always troughs to make. The team are taking the opportunity to give Killerton House’s exterior some love and care whilst the scaffolding is up with a fresh new coat of lime wash. They have just made up a batch of the brilliant white wash, which will then be mixed to the unique colour of Killerton house.

The direct labour team at Killerton making lime wash