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24 Sep 16

Buying a flock for Parc Farm

Conservation charity have donated £45,000 to buy a new flock of sheep to help restore rare plants on the Great Orme. Estate manager Gethin Evans joined Parc Farm shepherd Dan Jones at a Welshpool sheep auction to find a flock for the farm. See how they got on at the sheep sale.

Farmer Dan and Plantlife's Colin at the auction

17 Aug 16

Parc Farm: farmer found

Dan Jones is unveiled as Parc Farm's new tenant. He moves onto the farm in October 2016 with his family, five sheepdogs and flock of Llyn ewes. Meet farmer Dan Jones.

Dan Jones and his family

18 May 16

Parc Farm: yours for £1

In April 2016 we launched a worldwide search for a farmer for Parc Farm. The successful candidate needed to be a talented shepherd, capable of moving the flock around the Orme to create the right conditions for rare plants. The search for a farmer begins.

Pound in a rock on Great Orme, Wales