Latest updates

06 Feb 17

Putting the show rooms back together

It is not long now until Felbrigg re-opens to the public so we have been getting the show rooms back to normal following the rewiring. Here you can see a painting going back up in the Morning room; it has been a good opportunity for our conservation team to clean the backs of the paintings with delicate pony hair brushes, but it is lovely to see the room taking shape again. Whilst the main showrooms are now complete, there are still spaces to be worked on (such as the attics) so watch this space!

Rehanging a picture in the Morning room

13 Jan 17

Rewiring the Offices 

As part of the rewiring project a lot of the staff offices, not normally seen by the public, have had to be updated. Here you can see a contractor admiring the view from the lovely mid-1800’s window looking out to the park in front the house.

Electrician admiring the view

06 Jan 17

Rewiring the cellars

In order to rewire the show rooms in the Hall, work often had to be completed from beneath. This meant our electricians had to explore our cellars, and figure out exactly where they were in relation to the rooms above. In this picture you can see the electricians in the Old Cellar, where they completed work on the Morning Room. On the wall next to them there are the signatures of past workmen dating back to January 1894!

Electrician at work