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15 Dec 16

Historic culverts unearthed

Following some remedial research works, it was decided to unearth some of the historic culverts around, and connecting, Temple Water to the Farm Yard, to ascertain where the problems with flooding were arising. Following consent approval from Historic Environment Dept., trenches were opened up and the culverts were seen again for the first time in perhaps some 300 years. These trenches and excavations works occurred in two locations: 1. Adjacent to Yew Tree Terrace, and 2. At the Canal on the Walled Garden side. Following remedial repairs, we are awaiting to see how successful this operation has been

Castle Ward TWP Culverts opened

15 Dec 16

Information boards erected

Information panels have been erected on the demesne outlining the project. One is the main car park and the other is situated (pictured) just off Laurel Walk beside the tunnel.

Temple Water

09 Dec 16

Cataloguing the project

Over the length of the project we will have a series of photoshoots which will act as cataloguing. It should also provide us with a set of before and after images which should showcase the transformation of this area to its full extent. A selection of these images will be shared on this article and on our social media pages.

Castle Ward TWP - 1st Catalougue