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05 Apr 17

The wildlife of Walk Wood

Sheffield Park Ranger Laura Steuart takes us on a tour of the different habitats of Walk Wood and the flora and fauna it supports.

The wildlife of Walk Wood

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07 Mar 17

Restoring Walk Wood

For the last 15 years, work has been going on behind the scenes to fully understand this hidden area of Sheffield Park and Garden. Head Gardener Andy Jesson gives an insight into the work involved and the long-term plan for the woodland.

Restoring Walk Wood

Volunteers and staff working in Walk Wood

02 Feb 17

Archaeology in Walk Wood

In January 2017, an archaeological excavation took place to confirm the existence of an 18th century feature which appears on maps of the time as 'Maria's Seat'. Archaeologist Tom Dommett explains the importance of Walk Wood in the Sheffield Park landscape and what the archaeology revealed.

Uncovering Maria's Seat

An archaeological dig in Walk Wood at Sheffield Park, East Sussex