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08 Mar 17

Revealing the avenue

We've officially named our new site Charlecote Avenue, the most popular suggestion by far from our volunteers. Following permission from Stratford District Council we've been able to begin work on removing ugly conifers and intrusive stands of bamboo which have encroached on the trees of the ancient avenue.

Park ranger removing old conifers in Charlecote avenue project

01 Feb 17

Clearing the site

Surveyors are brought in for a detailed look at the site's infrastructure. One building is declared to be too unsafe to use and the electrics and drainage will need to be overhauled. At the annual Volunteers' Meetings we ask for ideas to name the new site and as usual, our volunteers have lots of great ideas - more news to follow! Our team of garden volunteers move on to the site to get it cleared ready for a small plant sales area to open in the middle of February. The retail team start to look for lovely new plants to sell, how to keep shop staff and volunteers warm and how to get everything set up with only a tiny budget to do so.

Garden volunteers clear Charlecote avenue site for redevelopment project

09 Jan 17

Getting the keys

As soon as we had the keys to the site, the project team went to explore. Difficult decisions have to be made about what to keep and what will need replacing as budget restraints are at the forefront of discussions. It's hard to disguise the excitement though, as so many ideas and opportunities become apparent. The impact on the whole Charlecote estate begins to take shape as we look at new prospects for retail, catering, storage and car parking.

Getting the keys for Charlecote avenue project january 2017