Latest updates

05 Apr 19

Counter fitting

The kitchen fitters are in and equipment has been delivered, ready to be installed. It will all be handed over to Charlecote staff in a few days so we can get ready for opening when the new crockery arrives.

There's plenty of space for families and dog-walkers in Charlecote's Wood Yard café

01 Apr 19

Central eating

Right at the heart of Charlecote, the area under the old brick arches is being prepared for seating and tables. This will give us a cosy covered area for visitors when the weather is less than perfect. The fitting-out in the new building continues and we're almost ready for opening.

We're getting the new seating area ready for Charlecote's wood yard cafe

22 Mar 19

Light fantastic

The flooring has been laid and the lights are in place. Kitchen fitters are working hard to get everything ready to hand over to the Food and Beverage team.

We're planning to give our volunteers sneak preview tours very soon.

Charlecote's new Wood Yard Cafe will be bright and airy with a lovely view to the house