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20 Mar 17

Daffodils are blooming marvellous

There are plenty of opportunities to “wander lonely as a cloud"* and spot crowds of golden daffodils around the estate. Upon entering the site you'll see huge clusters of them along the main drive, as well as being in abundance down on the eastern bank of the Parterre. *A springtime poem by William Wordsworth

Daffodils at Cliveden 2017

14 Mar 17

It's now officially Spring!

With the sighting of frogspawn at Cliveden this week; we can now officially call it springtime! Just off Green Drive (dog walkers will know it well) there's a lake that drains Thames water into the valley. Here, a healthy mass of frogspawn was spotted gathering in the pool. Frogspawn usually appears in ponds such as these where there's slow-moving water streams, and when the weather becomes milder after winter. The young tadpoles will appear in around a month's time. Please remember not to touch it; it’s terribly vulnerable stuff.

Springtime Frog Spawn

06 Mar 17

Signs of Spring on the Parterre

There are plenty of signs of spring around the garden (that thankfully haven't been affected by Storm Doris). The Parterre in particular is beginning to show lovely colours in the new Spring bedding scheme. Looking especially good are the white polyanthus interplanted with Iris histroides ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’ in the outer four of the 16 beds (pictured).

Iris histroides ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’