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17 Apr 19

New Perspectives by SHYPP

SHYPP, the staff and volunteers at Berrington, Toni Cook and mediaSHYPP have all been working closely together since January in a series of creative workshops. These workshops were intended to invite everyone involved to take in Berrington’s gardens, and interpret their own creative response to them. From 18 April, visitors will be able to witness the impact of these workshops, and the work that has been created by the young people involved in the project. We are inviting visitors to take in how those involved have been inspired by Berrington’s gardens, and what the gardens have to offer groups throughout the local community.

11 Feb 19

Westfield School come to help

A large part of the project has involved working in close collaboration with our community partners, including Westfield School, to make sure the vision for the garden is co-created and beneficial for the local community. Westfield School is a Special School in Herefordshire for pupils with severe or complex learning difficulties between the ages of two and 19. At the beginning of this year, two sixth form students started volunteering with our garden team. During February, this expanded to a larger group who have been working on more complex projects, including creating stepping logs for the natural play area and opening up vistas in the parkland, all of which has directly supported the Berrington Garden Project.

Three students watching the Gardener as he puts a log stepping stone into the ground

06 Feb 19

Working together with SHYPP

Each week we have been working with SHYPP (Supported Housing for Young People project) to hold creative workshops at Berrington. SHYPP is an award winning project that works to inspire young people to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. They aim to help young people get through tough periods and make a positive transition into an independent thriving lifestyle. Their partnership with Berrington Hall began as a way of engaging different groups from the community with our walled garden. We are doing this as part of the Berrington Garden Project. One aim of the project is to work with local groups, from all backgrounds, to see how they can use the walled garden in a positive way. This year the partnership is developing through holding these workshops which involve the Berrington team, volunteers and members of SHYPP. Keep your eyes peeled to see what we get up to.