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08 May 17

Visiting the studio to see how Look!Look!Look! is coming along

This week Ellie Jones, Project Manager of the walled garden went to visit Heather and Ivan Morison to see how the building of the Look!Look!Look! pavilion was coming along. She was amazed to see different parts of the structure, some of which were twice the height of the average adult. As well as this they showed us some of their stools to go inside the pavilion that were made entirely out of recycled paper. With more of these items being created as we speak the launch of the pavilion only edges closer and closer.

Some of the origami pineappes made by Heather and Ivan

26 Apr 17

Can you find the hidden pathway?

For the next month we are preparing for the Look!Look!Look! installation. This requires a lot of work and the most recent task has been to close the initial entrance into the walled garden and introduce visitors to a slightly different one. You'll find these special signs dotted about to help you find your way. Once you arrive in the walled garden you will find something a bit different. The task that is underway is to 'level' the pathway and make it sound to hold this brand new installation. With lots of work to be done our gardeners are teaming up with some offsite help to ensure that this part of the garden is ready on time.

A slate sign redirecting people to the new entrance of the walled garden

29 Mar 17

Look!Look!Look! What has been installed inside the mansion?

Today Heather and Ivan Morison's new art installations have been dotted around the mansion. Each new, subtle piece has its own meaning and hidden story. From the porcelain rotting pineapples on the mantelpiece to a marble worm, these pieces celebrate the strange but exciting culture of the Georgians. They are an introduction to the Look!Look!Look! pavilion and the meaning behind it.

One of Heather and Ivan Morison's pieces on the mantelpiece in the Drawing Room