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23 May 19

Preparing the curved section

In May 2019, the rare curved section will come back into the care of the National Trust; for around 100 years, this area has been used as a livestock area by a tenant farmer, the Cawley family. This means that the garden team are incredibly busy preparing their horticultural displays to fill the section. The theme focuses on nature and the gardens taking back over this rare and significant part of Berrington's Walled Garden. Preparations include using hay bales as planters, ensuring we have enough compost, working with partners such as the Westfield School to helping with planting and much more. Will you be joining us on the 6 July to come and see this curved section as it is revealed.

Hay bales stacked up in a dutch barn

01 May 19

Westfield school progress

As the Berrington Garden Project continues we are increasingly working with Westfield School students to develop the gardens offer for visitors. During one of their latest visits the students managed to complete a wooden 'stepping-stone' pathway and they installed a willow tunnel in the natural play area. Installations to the gardens such as these are made more achievable with the support the students. By teaching the them a diverse range of gardening techniques such as these, not only do the students learn invaluable skills and develop their own connection to Berrington, but the Gardening Team are able to tackle their ever-growing workload in support of the project.

Three students watching the Gardener as he puts a log stepping stone into the ground

17 Apr 19

New Perspectives by SHYPP

SHYPP, the staff and volunteers at Berrington, Toni Cook and mediaSHYPP have all been working closely together since January in a series of creative workshops. These workshops were intended to invite everyone involved to take in Berrington’s gardens, and interpret their own creative response to them. From 18 April, visitors will be able to witness the impact of these workshops, and the work that has been created by the young people involved in the project. We are inviting visitors to take in how those involved have been inspired by Berrington’s gardens, and what the gardens have to offer groups throughout the local community.