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18 Apr 18

Divide and conquer

Our gardeners and their volunteers have recently lifted and divided the plants in the north and south beds of our Stable Courtyard. They then added more bulbs, including Nerines and more Crocosmia. As well as supporting the health of the plants, this also gave the team the chance to move some plants around so those that prefer a sunnier spot could be moved to the south facing bed (and vice-versa).

Gardener dividing plants in flower bed in Stable Courtyard at Ightham Mote

03 Apr 18

Has spring finally sprung?

We are all looking forward to a belated spring, with the daffodils coming along nicely for a fantastic April display all around the garden. Hopefully they are announcing that spring is officially here. Other highlights to look out for are the camellias in the pleasure grounds, the chaenomeles (Japanese quince) near the stable cottages and all the dormant plants bursting into new growth. Keep your fingers crossed for successful germination of our latest wild flower meadow in the Orchard, and good weather to strengthen our lawns and boost the herbaceous plants when our garden team divide them.

Spring daffodils blooming in the Stable Courtyard at Ightham Mote.

16 Mar 18

Logs for the Great Hall fire

Recently, with the help of our rangers, our garden team have processed a large number of logs for the house fire. These were large ash logs which had been left for 2 - 3 years to season. The logs were too large for the Great Hall fireplace (taking two people to lift each one), so with the help of our volunteers, the team have split them to size. Hopefully enough supply for the Great Hall fire to see us through this chilly period.

An Ightham Mote volunteer adding logs to the log store