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03 Nov 17

Hoops to the rescue

Now that summer is well and truly over, the grass is becoming sodden. The team have been hard at work closing off the lawn and grass paths to allow them to rest over the winter months.

Two garden volunteers closing off the north lawn with metal hoop fencing.

09 Oct 17

Sowing the seed

The grass path leading up to the herbaceous border has had a hard time this year. To help it recover, we've scarified it trying to loosen the soil surface and started sowing grass seed mixed with compost over it. As we work we're then covering the newly sown areas with horticultural fleece to keep some warmth in the ground giving the seed a better chance of germinating and growing away strongly. It also helps protect it from the moorhens who treat seed sowing as an all you can eat buffet leaving very little if anything for us!

Newly sewn grass pathway covered with fleece to protect it

21 Sep 17

Testing the soil

Before the autumn feed, Mark tests different areas of the lawn to see what nutrients are needed. Some areas may have different needs, so these tests enable us to provide them with the correct feed to ensure healthy growth.

A gardener taking soil samples in the lawn