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17 Dec 17

Don't stand under the mistletoe

Beware of lingering under the mistletoe at Ightham Mote at this time of year - our gardeners have been hard at work with the mistletoe harvest but plenty remains in the garden and on our estate. Did you know that mistletoe folklore suggests that each time a kiss takes place under a sprig of mistletoe a berry should be removed? This should continue until all berries have gone and thereafter no further kisses should be taken beneath the sprig.

Gardener harvesting mistletoe at Ightham Mote

30 Nov 17

Take a leaf out of our book

Autumn is a beautiful season in the garden, with many perennials, shrubs and trees providing stunning colour. But once the leaves have fallen, our gardeners are hard at work clearing them before they smother the grass or cover the pathways.

Ightham Mote garden team clear leaves at Ightham Mote

08 Nov 17

Gardeners' question time

Our gardeners are hard at work at all times of the year, but they love to take time out to talk to our visitors about the garden or their work. Here, gardener Jonathan is doing just that...

Ightham Mote gardener talks about his work to visitors