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17 Sep 17

Chris Alton at the BITA workshop

This was the final workshop for the Adam Speaks Artwork. This took a very different approach as we looked as ways in which we could truly activate Robert Adam through other mediums. Using the previous three workshops as inspiration, Chris worked with Young People from the Birmingham Institute of Theatre Arts for a whole afternoon to start to create a programme for the launch event, looking at different ways we can engage with our audiences through dance, music and song. During this workshop we went one step further to share this part of the process by taking over the National Trust Midlands Twitter and Instagram as a way to involve people outside of this group in this process. We made fundamental shifts as a group to ensure this artwork is engaging and explored in different ways which will be built into the launch event on the 25th November…watch this space.

Chris Alton at the BITA workshop

05 Sep 17

Chris scouts the parkland

As the project begins its final phase, Chris Alton visited Croome to share his preliminary designs with volunteers with staff, which we can reveal focus on an artwork in the parkland. We were really excited to share the Adam Speaks plans with people at Croome, which have been developed though our participation process with; Kimichi School, St Barnabas First and Middle School, Writing West Midlands and The Birmingham Institute of Theatre Arts. We had a really positive day gathering feedback and working with Katherine Alker, Parks and Gardens Manager, to develop a logistics and conservation plan. Here’s a few words from Chris: On Tuesday 5th I visited Croome to consider potential locations for the final Adam Speaks artwork and to speak with volunteers about its development. Katherine Alker drove us around the site (it was raining) and we identified a number of potential sites for the work. Having successfully avoided the brunt of the rain, Rachel Sharpe and I retreated indoors to meet with the Croome volunteer team. The designs I presented sparked curiosity and I received valuable feedback from the team. With the sun now out, rays dancing over the water dappled landscape, I ventured out into the gardens to speak further with volunteers. I was accompanied by Val and Peter, who took the opportunity to get me to pose for photos alongside druids, bridges and trees. I've never been particularly comfortable in front of the camera and I appreciated their patience. Chris Alton

Chris Alton looks for potential locations in the parkland

10 Aug 17

Chris Alton meets heads of departments

Chris Alton visited Croome to meet with the heads of department, Amy Forster-Smith - Visitor Experience Manager, Katherine Alker - Garden and Outdoors Manager, Tom Coombe – Senior House Steward and Olivia Barnwell Assistant House Steward. This was a chance for Chris to find at how the property functions, what Croome’s priorities are and what goes into the day to day running of the park and court. During the course of the next week Rachel Sharpe and Kiki Claxton will be delivering Adam Speaks Mega Brief to all the volunteers at Croome where we will go into depth about the Adam Speaks process so far.

Chris Alton with Katherine Alker