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28 Jul 17

Visit to Hew Locke's studio

Today the Adam Speaks Team had a meeting in London at Hew Locke studio. Amy Forster-Smith, Visitor Experience Manager came to hear about the project developments, the process so far and to hear about our next steps for the project. We talked about the different types of engagement that Chris Alton has delivered with the groups so far and what were the key ideas that came through the workshops.

meeting of adam speaks team with hew locke

01 Jul 17

Chris Alton visits Writing West Midlands

The workshop was centered around the art and creativity of the written word and focused on two key aspects of Robert Adam’s work. Our artist Chris Alton asked the participants to bring 2-3 objects that they regularly used and that they had to respond to it in relation to Adam. The day started by a collaborative creative writing exercise that involved the brought objects and the finding of their voice relating to Adam. One of the tasks involved designing urns through a collaborative drawing process. Participants were asked to use Adam's motifs, as well as taking inspiration from their modern objects, logos and shapes. After their creation, the writers wrote a museum-style text for each design, considering the story of each urn and including the representation of their objects that they had brought in. The workshop concluded with a final exercise, which explored various images of Adam’s work, the inherent values within and let these elements inspire them to write a story or poem which resulted in mixed approaches and diverse Adam topics. The workshop opened a whole new way of looking at Robert’s work, such as his use of natural forms, and the relocating of artefacts. We are interested to see this workshop included in the final artwork.

Adam speaks at writing west midland

23 Jun 17

Chris runs a workshop at St Barnabas school

Our artist Chris Alton was leading the workshop for three year 7 classes, encouraging the children’s creativity in tasks inspired by Robert Adam’s work and ideas. Robert Adam had various inspirations for his own art work, such as monochrome, drawings and designs as well as a love for ruins. This key fact played a big role in the day which was split in to three parts, starting with a sketching stage, Chris asked them to find a building they like and sketch what it would look like abandoned one thousand years in the future and then to write a piece on why they choose the building and explain why it was left behind. One young boy was struggling to draw anything and asked Chris if he could use shapes and colour to portray his chosen building. He used the materials creatively and was a great example that art and creativity is not about following the rules, instead bending them and thinking outside the box. In the second part of the workshop, they had to split up in groups of 4 or 5 and create a collage of each sketch the members of their group had drawn. The final part consisted of each group building their own 3D model inspired by their collages out of various materials such as cardboard, cereal boxes, coloured paper and tape, pens, etc. The kids learned to work in a team and develop their artistic skills in an enjoyable way. The workshop was a huge success with the kids and teachers alike. The children commented that they really liked the freedom they were given and they would love to do another workshop next year. The teachers were very supportive and are looking forward to the final art piece in November.

Adam Speaks artist Chris Alton with children at St Barnabas School