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23 Jan 18

Breaking ground

This week the project team met Electricity North West (ENW) on site to determine where the electricity connection will be at Fell Foot Farm. This will be the point where the electricity generated from the hydro enters the National Grid. Two electricity cabinets will be required; one will be the transformer and the other the meter cabinet where the National Trust will be able to monitor what it’s exporting to the National Grid. The ENW team also tested the resistivity of the surrounding land to determine the extent of earthing required for the grid connection. It was a tough job breaking the ground on a frozen Lakeland day!

Electricity North West testing the ground for resistivity

11 Jan 18

Felling the larch

With the assistance of the South Lakes forestry team, and aided by the cold weather and hard ground, this week we were able to get our programme of conservation work along Greenburn beck underway. The forestry team have been thinning and extracting the larch trees which dominate the small plantation adjacent to the beck so we can encourage the natural regeneration of native tree species in their place. Of those larch remaining, some will be left standing, whilst a number of the others will be ringbarked and either left as standing deadwood (which is great for invertebrates) or felled later in the year.

Tree felling at Greenburn beck

22 Dec 17

Keeping in touch

It’s been a wet and grey morning today in Little Langdale, but the rangers have been out delivering a hydro update to all the residents in the valley. It was back in June when work began and whilst it may have appeared to have all gone a little quiet since then, higher up the Greenburn valley, and undeterred by the challenge of the weather, construction work has progressed well. We are working hard to keep everyone informed throughout the project, and whilst there is still much to do, we remain on schedule to be generating electricity from the scheme in summer 2018.

Heading into Little Langdale