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05 Jun 18

Letting in the light

Last week we added to our photographic monitoring of Greenburn and took the opportunity to fly over the larch plantation alongside the beck which our forestry team had thinned earlier in the year. This resulting photograph shows the difference the work has made. Whilst the northern edge of the beck is still to be thinned and is dense and dark, the southern side where the work occurred now has a much more open canopy. This allows more light to reach the woodland floor which will encourage natural regeneration of native trees, adding to the diversity of the beckside habitat.

An aerial view of the larch plantation alongside the beck

23 May 18

Using local materials

Work is ramping up on the project; the slates are currently being attached to the powerhouse roof and the pipe is being carefully buried into the fell, backfilled and grass-seeded. The slate is recycled local slate from buildings which were demolished in the floods of 2015. The stone for the powerhouse wall is sourced from local quarries and will blend in with nearby barns and buildings.

An aerial view of the site at Greenburn beck

23 Apr 18

A concrete plan

Whilst the good weather has finally arrived elsewhere in the UK the Lake District endured another wet day. However, our contractors ploughed ahead regardless and have now completed the concrete works at the powerhouse. All their work will soon be hidden by the walls, a roof and landscaping. We’ve had to use over 50 tonnes of concrete to cope with the high pressures the hydro scheme will generate once it’s up and running.

Work on the powerhouse is now complete