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28 May 17

Light feathered rustic - Agrotis cinerea

The first trial of the farms new moth trap went well. Out of the many species we caught there we two examples of this beautiful chalk grassland specialist moth, the Light Feathered Rustic, just what you would expect to find here on the South Downs. The most abundant moths we found were the Common Rustic, White Ermine, and Treble Lines. A lone caddisfly was an added bonus.

A chalky-gray coloured Feathered Rustic moth siting at rest after it was caught in a moth trap

26 May 17

Not so wicked wasps

Wasps, undeservedly, often get quite a lot of bad press as they are often seen as the scourge of picnics but think again. Wasps are a diverse and often spectacular group of insects worthy of the interest of anyone with an interest in wildlife. This splendidly metallic-coloured parasitic wasp, of the genus Chrysis, was found enjoying the spring sunshine on the farm.

A brightly coloured small parasitic wasp rests on a fence post in the sun