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20 Nov 17

Just another wheelbarrow or two...

The garden now has its complete 120 tons of gravel and soil in place before the beds can be planted. The team wheeled in the lot one wheelbarrow at a time on a small ramp down into the garden, and earned themselves a few well deserved tea-breaks.

The Sunken Garden project at Castle Ward

10 Nov 17

The heavy lifiting

Once the edging was finished, the heavy lifting began! Andy (rarely caught on camera, here to be spotted in red!) and his volunteers have started to bring in the 120 tons of gravel, and soil that will eventually fill the beds.

The sunken garden project progress

03 Nov 17

The final design

Our gardener and volunteers have been working tirelessly to get the parterres finished and here is the final product. All 61 raised beds are now laid out, having been carefully arranged with mathematical precision using 550 metres of edging. Next will come the soil, gravel and eventually, planting!

The garden restoration project at Castle Ward