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19 Jun 18

Two down, one more to go

The second 'song cycle' of the Fellowship of Hill, Wind and Sunshine project took place at the weekend with songs of love, hope and friendship sung on Scafell Pike, Lingmell, Broad Crag and Great End. In stark contrast to the May weekend, the weather was wet and windy with the occasional tantalizing view down to the valleys and tarns below the summits. Plans for the day had to be adapted in order to keep all the singers moving - definitely not weather for hanging around in. Perhaps the most powerful moment of the day was the choir's rendition of Ewan MacColl's 'Joy of Living' tucked out of the wind at Dropping Crag on Scafell Pike. Singing leader Dave Camlin told us to think of 'concrete and bins' to ward off the lumps in our throats which was not easy. One of our Mountain Leaders remarked how astonishingly cheerful all the singers were despite the cold and and the rain - well that is what singing is all about isn't it - keeping cheerful in adversity. It was an incredible weekend with incredible people in a truly awe-inspiring place. We are getting very excited about sharing this with you soon.

The June scratch choir in full voice at Dropping Crag just below the summit of Scafell Pike

21 May 18

One down, two more to go!

The first of the mountain weekends for the Fellowship project took place over the weekend just gone. It was exhausting, uplifting and just all round amazing. The memory of looking out over the hills while singing Dave’s beautiful setting of Geoffrey Winthrop-Young’s moving speech was something very special. Some singers said it was ‘the best weekend of my life’ or ‘the best day I’ve spent on the fells in 30 years’. We were incredibly lucky with the weather! For those who weren’t with us, you can see some of the photos from the weekend on the facebook page ( ) , including this one from Nick Landells, one of our Mountain Leaders who also happens to be an amazing photographer! Thanks Nick.

Singing above Wasdale on Great Gable for the Great Gift song cycle

16 May 18

The cairn is complete

The cairn rebuild is now complete. The team have worked incredibly hard and put in some long days in difficult weather conditions to get the job done. The finished result is fantastic and has already been clambered upon by throngs of walkers. Lead Ranger Sam spent a long day with an ITN journalist and cameraman walking up the Pike to meet the team and look at the work and then back down again. It took nearly 10 hours but we are told the piece will be aired after the Royal wedding. We now have lots more work to do on the paths across the summit plateau, which will be continuing over the coming weeks and months.

Rangers putting the finishing touches to the summit cairn on Scafell Pike