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14 May 18

Blue skies and cairn cake

Summer was back today with lovely blue skies and a light breeze - the view from the Pike was stunning. With the return of the sun, crowds of fell walkers were also out in force clambering up on to the cairn to take a close look at our handiwork. The cairn is almost at full height now and the day was mainly spent gathering up smaller stones to fill in the whole structure. The day was rounded off by a visit from the campsite staff bearing cairn-shaped cake from the Sticklebarn - and it was delicious!

Afternoon tea break on the summit cairn, Scafell Pike

11 May 18

Cairn almost at full height

It's been another really windy day on the summit - strong enough to knock us over. The overall build of the cairn is going really well and the cairn is now almost at full height all the way round. We’ve been adding large stones and filling material to the top to tie it all together and give it strength. We enjoyed a well earned lunch break inside the newly built cairn today. We're now off the mountain for the weekend to rest up, then back out early on Monday.

Wasdale Rangers working on the summit cairn on Scafell Pike

10 May 18

Rangers climbing the equivalent of Everest each day

Over the last 3 days, our rangers have climbed a whopping 21,600 vertical metres between them - that's the equivalent of nearly 3 times the height of Everest. They've certainly earned their tea - instant cheese and broccoli pasta and couscous! The rangers are currently resting at Broad Crag Col at 700m where they are enjoying improved weather and views across to Keswick. They're still working in pretty chilly and windy conditions though. We're pleased to report that progress is good with three quarters of the outer wall of the cairn already up. Lots of buckets of heavy stone have been shifted today helped by trainees from the Lake District National Park - this is the 'ugly' stone which in-fills the circular revetment wall. Yesterday a black bin bag full of litter was collected including old coins, messages, pictures of people and lots of plastic. The oldest item was a 1988 Mars bar wrapper - an 'Olympic special edition' of which there were several which will have been left not long after the previous rebuild. More updates tomorrow.

Wasdale Rangers working on the rebuilding of the summit cairn on Scafell Pike