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19 Mar 18

Storage container arrives

Despite the #MiniBeastFromTheEast hitting Winchester with thick snow the previous day, the storage container arrives and is swung in to place ready to be filled.

Storage container arrives at Winchester City Mill, Hampshire, National Trust

12 Mar 18

The wilderness is cleared

For those of you who have visited City Mill, you will know just how small the footprint of the building is. Unlike many National Trust properties, we have very little storage space. So where do we store all the furniture that has to be moved ready for the floor to come up? In the Mill's additional piece of garden of course. Though it needs a whole week to clear it first!

Daedalus clearing the Mill's wilderness ready for storage


The essential funds are raised

In 2017, we embarked on a fundraising campaign raising money to keep Winchester City Mill standing. With the immense support of our visitors and the local community, we raised over £90,000. Now, in 2018, we can finally begin making vital repairs to the Mill.

Thank you for saving Winchester City Mill, Hampshire, National Trust