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18 May 18

Final design

The design has now been finalised. Clefted oak is chosen as a primary material. This oak is split along its grain, a technique that requires careful timber selection and which cannot be replicated by machine. Planed to a smooth, silky finish; the wood will retain the maker’s fingerprints and its method of creation.

A small maquette created to visualise the design

25 Apr 18

Initial design

Hugh spent time at Red House taking in the striking architecture and exploring the space his piece would stand in. Hugh’s initial design pulled on William Morris’ love of craftsmanship. Reflecting the strong shapes of the dormer windows Hugh’s range brings together Morris’ ideas on craftsmanship in a contemporary work of art. 'It was about ‘tending the flame’ of craftsmanship, in a symbiotic relationship between a maker’s head, heart and hand.' –Hugh Miller

Computer visualisation of the final design