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01 Jun 20

The slating begins

Once the sarking, felt and lead has been layered onto the roof it is now time for the Slaters to start nailing the Westmoreland slate onto the roof. The slate ranges from 16 1/2 inches to 20 inches in size and some have to be hand trimmed to get the exact size needed. Precision is vital to ensure the lines are straight. Working from the bottom upwards, slaters build ladders to make there way up the roof.

Slate Roof Ickworth

02 Mar 20

Lead work to follow

As Carpenters lay the sarking boards, Lead workers follow laying down lead on the 'apron' of the roof for additional protection to stop water ingress. This replaces the Welsh slate that was put down on the roof, and comes as far up the roof as the parapet. The parapet rises and falls around the roof, so no one area of the roof is the same!

17 Feb 20

The process of sarking

Carpenters begin the process of double sarking the Rotunda roof. Sarking boards are attached to the rafters of the pitched roof to give extra protection and strength. It will also help even out the Rotundas undulations.

Sarking boards Uncovered Ickworth