Latest updates

13 Feb 19

Books by the Wheelbarrow full!

We're temporarily moving out all of our books (and their shelving!) from our second-hand bookshop, ready to begin some much needed TLC and floor renovations. The books are being wheeled out by the wheelbarrow full to be kept safe as the current floor of rugs and board gets fully replaced and transformed to look wonderful.

Moving the books from the Sutton Hoo bookshop out by the wheelbarrow full along with the shelving

23 Jan 19

Work begins in the Exhibition Hall

Work begins in the Exhibition Hall, the floor is coming up ready for new screed to be put down. You can even see where the old boards used to be on the walls! Soon everything will be ready for us to begin transforming this place into something new and wonderful!

The inside of the Sutton Hoo Hall with the flooring broken up to be replaced

14 Jan 19

Raising the roof!

We're raising the roof! The tiles and eventually beams of the roof are being steadily removed, ready to transform this building into something new and exciting in the coming months. We can't wait to show off the end result!

Building work continues at Sutton Hoo with tiles removed from a roof building