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19 Feb 20

Meet our new apprentice

Meet Sharon Reeves , the newest member of the Bure Riverlands team. Sharon joined us in February 2020 on a brand new Water Environment Worker Apprentice scheme. Find out more about Sharon and this exciting new apprenticeship scheme.

Water sample collecting

14 Nov 19

Wildlife set to benefit from stream restoration

Thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, work to restore Silvergate stream on Blickling Estate is now complete, and it’s hoped that by restoring the stream at its source, will bring big benefits for wildlife and the health of the wider river catchment. This is an exciting milestone in the Riverlands project and it’s just the beginning, with more restoration works planned for the River Bure and Scarrow Beck next year.

Rangers standing next to Silvergate Stream on the Blickling Estate

20 Sep 19

Restoring Norfolk's farmland ponds

The Norfolk Ponds Project has set out on an ambitious project this autumn, to restore 50 farmland ponds predominantly in Norfolk, with support from the National Trust. Over the last 40-50 years, thousands have been filled-in, in the push to produce more food and intensify farming. Those that remained have also become heavily overgrown by scrub. This month, nine ponds have been restored as part of the ‘The Big50 initiative’, all close to the River Bure and Blickling Estate.

Common frog in the bower pond