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05 Jun 19

Clumber Farm – The journey starts here

Tenant farmer, Will Pringle, has begun a historic landscape restoration project at Clumber Farm by sowing grass seed and native Red clover. This is also the first step in the creation of woodland pasture, a priority habitat. The seed is germinating well and will establish over the summer months. As the grassland develops in will become a thriving and more suitable habitat for invertebrates, birds, small mammals and flowering plants.

Grass seeding begins at the farm

01 May 19

Livestock arrives at Clumber Park to help manage heathland

You may have noticed some new additions to Clumber Park recently. Livestock has played an enormous part in shaping the landscape we all enjoy today and dates back to ducal times. Historically, this is how the land would have been managed in years gone by and remains the most effective way to manage this land even today. Grazing can allow a wider variety of plants, fungi, animals and particularly insects to thrive. Using farm animals to maintain wildlife habitats is much more sustainable and cost-effective than the use of machines over the long term, and will help manage precious and rare heathland in the Park.

Longhorn cattle at Clumber Park

28 Apr 19

The Big Push is complete

The girls have done it! The Big Push 24 hour cycle challenge is complete. It wasn't without drama - there was one fall and three 'mechanicals' along the way - but the team pushed on... and hit their £20,000 target with just a couple of laps to go!

The Big Push is complete