The former Priory becomes a house

From 1609 - 1625 the property is owned by Fowkes Family and they convert the former Priory into a house.

Anglesey Abbey - Priory Plan


Leasehold bought by Sir George Downing

The house is owned by Thomas Hobson from 1625 - 1630 and by the Parker Family from 1630 - 1734. Then in 1734 the leasehold is bought by Sir George Downing (3rd Baronet) - the founder of Downing College in Cambridge. Downing Street in London (home of Britain's Prime Minister) is named after his Grandfather (the 1st Baronet also called Sir George Downing). The 1st Baronet was largely responsible for the British acquisition of New York from the Dutch.


The property changes hands many times

The house is owned by Samuel Shepeard MP from 1739 - 1778. It then passes to the Jenyns Family from 1799 - 1848. The Reverend John Hailstone, vicar of the neighbouring parish of Bottisham, bought Anglesey Abbey in 1848. He made several important changes to the building, demolishing surviving masonry from the monastic buildings to create a stable block, and removing the Jacobean dormer windows from the front of the House. Hailstone was probably responsible for naming the house 'Anglesey Abbey'. Anglesey Abbey was owned by the Hailstone family until 1888.